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Find out how much revenue your vacation rental could generate when partnering with us.



We create standout listings, research and set the best nightly rates, and post them on major platforms.


We take great care of your property and quickly resolve any guest or maintenance issues that arise.


We quickly respond to all booking inquiries and attract the right guests for your property.


You deserve THE BEST and that's what we offer.


Seamless Startup

Ready to let go of the stress of owning a vacation rental? Getting started with Colonial is easy. Join our family and let us take care of the rest! We check all the boxes to help get your rental ready for guests.


Owner Portal

Everything about your vacation home, right at your fingertips! Colonial Properties takes the guesswork out of managing your home, providing all the information our owners want to know in one place.


Reporting & Financial

Keeping an eye on your investments is the key to good returns. That’s why Colonial Properties created helpful reporting tools that put all your property’s financial information in one place, easily accessible at any time.

Schedule an Introductory Call with our Owner Success Team

In this brief introductory phone call, an Owner Success Team member will go over the benefits of our management program and answer any questions you have about joining us. This call typically lasts around 15 minutes, but we'll gladly spend as much time as needed to answer your questions.

Let's do an Evaluation

1. Does your current manager treat you well?

2. Is your net revenue as high as you want it to be?

3. Is your vacation rental consistently cleaned and maintained as you want it to be?

4. Do they communicate with you regularly, or are they hard to contact?

If answered no to ANY of these, you need to contact us, because we can turn your situation around! We know change is never easy, but our transition process is quick and efficient. We'll take care of all of it for you! 

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